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Medical Yoga


Yoga has become a widely accepted form of fitness for many Americans.  Most practice at gyms or yoga studios in group classes of anywhere from 10-25 students.  Yoga was originally taught to one student at a time by a Teacher (Guru) with many years of experience and dedication to the discipline.  Each student carries with him or herself unique challenges, needs and goals.  A yoga student with a painful lower back needs a completely different set of yoga postures than does a student with a thyroid condition. An experienced instructor will know how to design an individually tailored home yoga routine that will have an immediate positive effect on your particular health condition. Receiving private yoga lessons guarantees that you will be experiencing the greatest possible health benefits from your time on the mat.

Kate has been practicing yoga since 1979, and teaching since 1985.  She has designed and implemented several groundbreaking Therapeutic/Medical Yoga Programs over the last two decades.  She has developed several very effective Therapeutic Yoga Sequences for a variety of musculo-skeletal, cardio-vascular and auto-immune conditions.  She has had the unique opportunity to follow many of her students, several over more than a decade of practice, utilizing these specific rehabilitative postural sequences at home and in Therapeutic Classes in her regional Southeastern Pennsylvania studios (1999-2011).  Most of her students have experienced extremely positive long term results.  Kate is convinced of the value and relevance of Medical Yoga for those who have tried just about everything else without a positive outcome.

In addition to Medical Yoga, Kate is also available to teach General Classical & Fitness Yoga Classes, Yoga for Children, Yoga Workshops on specific subjects & Nationally Recognized Yoga Teacher Training.  She is currently registered as an Experience Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 Hour Level with the Yoga Alliance.  More information on her regular weekly class schedule out of her Studio, Martin Yoga, in West Tennessee may be found by visiting:

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