When is the last time you have truly taken a deep breath?

Have you viewed your body’s beauty from the inside out, without negative judgments lately?

Have you made time to care well for yourself, engaging in activity that harmonizes Body, Mind, Emotions ~ and your chosen Spiritual Path?

Are You Ready to Approach Yoga as a Healing Art?

Kate offers Trauma Sensitive Restorative Yoga in a serene Private Yoga Setting
at her Home Dyersburg Office.

Private Lessons are Suitable for All Levels and address the following Conditions:

Chronic Pain
MS or Parkinson’s Disease
Low Back Pain and/or Sciatica
Post-Traumatic Stress
High Blood Pressure
Recovery from Cancer or other Chronic Conditions
Privates are $60/hour

Each Private Session comes with Unlimited Follow Up Emails Between Sessions,
as well as Web Resources to support Clients in creating their
Own Personally Tailored Home Yoga Routine

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