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Thai Bodywork


 Thai Bodywork is an ancient and historically venerated Eastern bodywork modality that blends passive yoga movements with more traditional massage and acupressure techniques.  Thai Bodywork seeks to release, balance and cultivate trapped Vital Energy (Chi) in the body.  Regardless of whether that trapped energy is showing up as a herniated spinal disc, an auto-immune disorder, or a mental health condition such as anxiety/depression, the Thai Bodywork practitioner is taught to recognize congestion, restriction and imbalance in the flow of Vital Energy throughout the body, and to restore it to it’s natural balanced and harmonious state of being.

This is accomplished through detailed attention to your body’s range of motion in knees, hips, shoulders, and the spine. Even the tiny joints of the fingers and toes are gently released in Thai Bodywork in much the same way as occurs in a good Accupunture Session – but without the needles. Thai Bodywork is pleasurable to receive and seeks to impart a deeply memorable experience of kinesthetic harmony crucial to healthy brain/body connections.

Thai Bodywork Practitioners refer not only to traditional Western anatomy and physiology as they work, but are also trained to be responsive to blockages in the body’s meridian system, taking the time to open an entire ‘line’ of energy, rather than just hammering away at one little spot that hurts. The perspective of the Thai Bodyworker is one of Wholeness, one in which a pain in your neck could be traced to the uneven way you set down your right foot as you get out of the car. It is within the power of these global body connections that the healing takes place. Usually, a client leaves a Thai Session with an inspired and enhanced awareness of their ‘condition’ – and with real tools: stretches, postures, breathing exercises – individually tailored to help continue the healing process well beyond the limits of a particular session.

No Yoga Experience is Necessary to receive and benefit from a Thai Bodywork Session. Please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing such as sweatpants or yoga wear. No buttons, zippers or rivets. You may choose to enjoy your Thai Session on a Traditional Massage Table or on a more commonly used comfortable Cotton Futon, created expressly for this purpose. No oils or lotions are used during a session, as the magic of Thai Bodywork lives within the ends of whatever ‘stretch’ your Practitioner may be encouraging you to relax into at any given moment.

Kate has been studying Thai Bodywork under International Massage Hall of Fame inductee Mukti Michael Buck since 2010. Michael Buck is the founder of the Vedic Conservatory, an institution dedicated to the authentic and historically accurate transmission of Vedic Thai Bodywork to the modern practitioner. Respected and loved throughout the World, Mukti remains a wise and profoundly compassionate Teacher on the path of Kate’s journey toward professional skill and personal growth. His contribution to the sensitivity found in Kate’s touch cannot be understated. She is eagerly planning attendance at her next Vedic Conservatory Training.



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