Want to learn to Meditate, but just cannot picture yourself doing it? Is there a Monkey, or better yet a Hamster, spinning away in your Brain – like every minute? Believe it or not, Learning to Meditate is fairly Easy. You just need the right Tools  …and the right Teacher. No Hocus Pocus. Just straight up simple ways of bringing your Brain to a Quiet Stop. And guess what?  You are going to make your Doctor really really Happy. Bringing your Brain to a Quiet Stop makes You a WHOLE LOT HEALTHIER. Not just your Heart, Digestion and Immune Systems. Not just your Concentration, Focus and Memory. Meditating TEN MINUTES DAILY Reduces Stress & Improves Your Relationships with those that Matter. Why go Solo?  Get a Group Together who want to Learn HOW to BE HERE NOW. It’s a lot of FUN.  We Laugh a Lot.  And we start Paying Better Attention to Right Now. We Discover HOW to find that Quiet Within ~ the Quiet that makes You feel Happy & Peaceful
no matter what else is going on around you! Small Group Classes or Workshops Available
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Meditation is taught with Private Breathing Sessions for Individuals