Breathing should be Natural, right?

Most People’s Breathing is uneven and shallow.  Many Hold Their Breath without realizing it.

Try to take a big breath IN.  Right now.  Just Try It.  Your Chest probably feels Tight.

We can’t get a big deep breath IN, because we don’t know how to breathe OUT.

Yes, it is True.  We are All walking around full of a bunch of stale, de-oxygenated air.

That can’t be good for our Organs.  Not good for the Brain.  Sure not good for our Moods.

Take a few minutes and hang out with Kate.  She has been teaching Yogic Breathing for 33 years.

Sleep Better.  Lower Your Blood Pressure.  Calm Anxiety.  Ease Depression.

Reduce the severity of your Asthma.  Support your COPD with something besides Meds.

Manage STRESS – and that means LESS Belly Fat & Diabetes.

Be Smart.  Choose to Learn to Breathe Well.

30 Minute Private Lesson = $30
60 Minute Private Lesson = $50
Small Group or Workshop @ Your Location – Please Email Kate to Discuss