For Millennia, Human Beings have used Compassionate Touch to Heal Pain

Recent research has shown that the human body stubbornly holds on to the lingering effects of trauma:  whether from long a ago car wreck;  negative childhood emotional experience; or a seemingly innocent fall-off-the-bike a few months ago.

These adverse impacts light up our innate mechanism for survival, our Fight-or-Flight response.  Long beyond the initial causal incident, this biological response toward survival continues to feed stress into our systems, keeping the pain alive ~ whether physical, mental, emotional ~ often for decades after the fact.  This Pain Pattern continues to wrap itself, layer-upon-layer, deeper into our body’s identity as the years go by.  Ouch!

Kate releases underlying Patterns of Pain, moving beyond treating symptoms

Kate has been Nationally Certified and Licensed to practice Therapeutic Bodywork since the early 1990’s.  She graduated with honors from the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy in King of Prussia, Pa, in 1994.  For many years she practiced only traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, focusing on the symptoms, ‘squeaky wheels’ and  sore muscles.  However, she became discouraged, as the pain her clients experienced almost always returned ~ no matter how deeply she worked out the knots.

Kate began to realize, along with many pioneers in the fields of post-traumatic stress and somatic therapy, that it is the Nervous System which is actually holding on to the pain ~ communicating tension and hypervigilance to cells, organs, muscles and bones ~ often without resolution for long periods of time.  This type of unresolved somatic pain is frequently the eventual underlying cause of serious disease:  cancer, heart disease, autoimmune dysfunction ~ even chronic depression and anxiety!

In Kate’s decades long professional hands-on experience,  it takes gently accessing deeper Neuro-Muscular Patterns of Pain to effect lasting release of stubborn underlying ‘survival tension’.   In an effort to meet her clients with real and lasting Healing, Kate has completed several thousand hours of Continuing Education throughout the last two decades of her work in private practice.

She has been an avid student of John Barnes’ approach to Myofascial Release & Unwinding; John Upledger’s techniques for Craniosacral Therapy & Somato Emotional Release; and Milton Trager’s profoundly unique method of returning places of long-held tension to original states of softness and joy, through the Trager® Approach. Currently, she is studying the work of renowned PTSD researcher Bessel van der Kolk, in particular his newest book, The Body Keeps the Score, published in 2014.


All Clients May Expect

Trust in Your Own Authentic Experience

Support to Set Your Own Boundaries

Protection from Re-Traumatization

The Highest Respect on/off the Treatment Table

Authentic Healing from the Inside Out



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Appointment Details:
A Session is 90 minutes in length.
The cost is $75.00.
First Appointments are 2 hours in length at a cost of $100.00.

What to Expect:
You will be kept Comfortable the entire Session.  You will lie down on a lightly heated table and be draped appropriately for the entire Session.  You are in Charge of when the Session ends ~ or when you may need to take a break in the Process.  You will be a Partner in the Process of Your Own Healing.  Your Confidentiality, Intuition about your Condition, and Boundaries will be Respected.

What to Wear?
Dress is usually shorts and a sports bra (women), or soft sweatpants and layered tops of stretchy material.

Childhood Sexual Trauma & Physical Abuse:
Many times those who have experienced this type of extreme violation are not always comfortable being touched.  Respectful communication between You & Kate will be present at all times.  Kate will work gently with you to be able to notice when you are comfortable and/or uncomfortable with the work.  Even though it is very healing, it can be frightening to receive Bodywork after surviving physical and sexual abuse.  Kate is committed to your comfort and adept at avoiding retraumatization.  She views herself as a respectful guide, supporting you to remain in the Present; bearing witness with you to the Past; standing beside you, as you move forward in empowering ways that bring about a more positive and healthy Future.