About Kate

Kate Healy
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Kate has been inspired by the beauty and function of the human body for most of her life. Dancing before she could walk, Kate was an irrepressible athlete as a child.  Tree Climbing, Running, Swimming, Biking and Backpacking have informed her Mind/Body connections for decades.  She has been consciously breathing, meditating and doing yoga for almost 40 years, inspired initially by those she encountered who seem to possess that undeniable something ‘extra’ – lighting their lives from within.

As a survivor of significant childhood trauma, cancer and serious physical injury, Kate has experience in overcoming the challenging imprint such negative experiences leave behind.  Over the past 30 years, she has taken her own recovery from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress seriously, firmly believing that she cannot support and facilitate the healing of another human being if she has not walked that road, herself.

Kate Keeps it Real

Not only is she sincere and earnest in her own Inner Work, Kate is also fully dedicated to continuing her education as a professional working in the field of Trauma Recovery.  Certified as a Trauma Touch™ Therapist in 1997, through a clinically supervised 2 year externship out of the Colorado School of Healing Arts,  Kate has been studying and practicing Craniosacral Therapy since 1995.  Recently, in 2016, she began the process of becoming an Certified Advanced Level Craniosacral Practitioner through the Upledger Institute .  Kate continues to study the work of Peter Levine, a seminal researcher in the field of Body/Mind Integration in Trauma Recovery.  In fact, Peter Levine’s seminal book, Waking the Tiger (1997), has informed most of the therapeutic techniques and models for Body/Mind Integration used in treating PTSD today, and is at the foundation of all of the Somato Emotional Release work that Kate is learning through the her Upledger Institute Courses.

Believing that ‘It takes a Village’ to foster true healing of complex trauma, Kate has made it a lifetime pursuit to surround herself with professional excellence – both in the fields of Yoga and Massage Therapy.  She is dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date research findings to her clients and students in an atmosphere of compassion, confidentiality and mutual respect.  After working for two decades in a professional capacity in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Kate is honored to be bringing a somatic treatment option for Trauma & Chronic Pain Recovery to residents of West Tennessee.

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