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About Kate

Kate Healy, ba, lmt, e-ryt500 has been inspired by the beauty and function of the Human Body for most of her life. Dancing before she could walk, Kate was an irrepressible athlete as a child.  Tree Climbing, Running, Swimming, Biking and Backpacking have informed her mind/body connections for decades.  She has been consciously breathing, meditating and doing yoga for over 35 years, inspired initially by those she encountered who seem to possess that undeniable something ‘extra’ – lighting their lives from within.

As a survivor of significant childhood trauma, cancer and serious physical injury, Kate has had much experience in working diligently to overcome the inevitable challenges of Life.  She has taken her own troubles, body-mind-spirit, with compassion to both the Bodyworker and the Yoga Mat.  If she is anything, Kate’s Real.  Not only is she sincere and earnest in her work and personal practice, her steadfast and loving commitment to ‘seeing the glass half-full’ insures a positive compassionate environment for the healing  of her Therapeutic MassageThai Bodywork and Medical Yoga clients.

Kate recognizes the incredible resiliency and innate capacity for regeneration within the Human Body, Mind and Spirit.  She believes her professional work not only redeems the painful experiences of her past, but also grants her the capacity to be present to the suffering of others at a depth that is often difficult to find in modern, impersonal medical settings. Kate’s sensitive and profoundly effective work on the Massage Table and Yoga Mat remain an outward representation of her deeply held inner commitment to the evolution, healing and peace of Humanity – one Being at a time. Shanti.

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