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Here’s what a few of Kate’s clients are saying about her Massage Therapy skills:


“Being something of a massage junkie, I have had many, many massages over the years, from many therapists. Kate has distinguished herself to undoubtedly be the best. Her clear knowledge and expertise, coupled with an uncanny intuitive sense of pressure and location, elevate her above the good massage therapists available. Not only is she clearly the best, she’s also the best value anywhere.”

- Gery S


“After receiving Therapeutic Massage from Kate for over a year, we can say without question, she is the best Massage Therapist ever.  Her gift for honing in on sensitive areas to alleviate tension and residual pain is outstanding.  Her Medical Yoga classes are Graduate Level sessions in technique and philosophy, where she combines a Physical Therapist’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology with an Eastern mentality of body-mind awareness.  Kate is awesome, loving, heart centered, positive and generous with every fiber of her being.  We highly recommend her as a superior Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher.”

-  Marty & Martha P


“Kate gives a very wonderful Therapeutic Massage that is relaxing, and invigorating at the same time.  Not only is she reasonable in price, she is very knowledgeable in her field as a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor. I have done both Therapeutic Massage and Medical Yoga with Kate, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  She spends the time to look into the individual needs of each her clients and knows just what to do in order to balance them in gaining optimal health and wellness.”     

 - Kim L


“Kate gives the best Therapeutic Massage. I so enjoy coming to her lovely home in Oley and surrendering to the peace and tranquility there. Her touch is very therapeutic. Thank you for sharing your gift, Kate!”

- Jillian P


Many clients have received tremendous benefits from Kate’s
Thai Bodywork skills:


“I have received Thai Bodywork from Kate, and it is truly AMAZING how she is able to hone right into my areas of need and use her incredible gift of healing to release the pain. I really cannot put it into words! The relaxation of my painfully tightened muscles is undeniable.  She somehow knows EXACTLY where to go without me having to give a lengthy time consuming explanation.  She has a genuine concern for her clients and wants to see them find relief.  If I could see Kate every day, I would!”   

- Meghan M

“I met Kate a few years back when I was on a mission to learn more about Yoga. Instantly she had me understanding things about Yoga I was never previously taught, such as alignment, and how to be gentle with ones self. Last year, I asked Kate to spend some personal time performing both Thai Bodywork and Medical Yoga with my wife, a Yoga enthusiast, who had just undergone foot surgery and was temporarily out of commission. Kate went to work like a trusted mechanic, and my wife enjoyed a full recovery! Thank you, Kate!”   

- Ernie T

“I’ve had the pleasure of being one of Kate Healy’s students over the past three years. I’ve learned so much from her because of the wisdom and knowledge she possesses through her many years of practice and study, which she generously shares with her students and clients.


I crave her incredible Thai Bodywork adjustments because she is an expert in human anatomy.  I trust her with correcting my yoga postures, as her hands have a wonderful way of soothing discomforts and healing stubborn injuries. I’m very grateful to have Kate as a teacher, healer, and friend. Her love and support has helped me to become a stronger and healthier person.”

 - April S


Getting on the train with a few simple ‘brain gym’ adapted yoga postures specifically designed to muddle your muscle memory and challenge and heal your particular pain/strain pattern is what Kate’s Medical Yoga is all about.  It is also a highly effective way of ‘keeping the results’ of your Therapeutic Massage or Thai Bodywork experience.


Hear what Kate’s longtime clients have to say about their experience with her Medical Yoga skills:


“Kate possesses a natural gift for healing. After 3 years of seeing numerous physicians, getting multiple tests, going to physical therapy, and being on medication after medication, I went to Kate for Medical Yoga as my “last resort.” I had no idea she was the answer! She immediately zeroed in on the source of my pain and somehow knew exactly how to apply specific yoga postures to get into the muscles and joints, jumpstarting the healing process.  I began to see significant progress by following the sequence of Medical Yoga Postures prescribed by Kate.   She ‘brought the postures to me’ through her intelligent and creative use of Yoga Props, as well as her finely tuned and compassionate ‘Hands On’ adjustments. “

- Meghan M


“Kate Healy helped me find my ‘Bendy Side’.  I joined her Medical Yoga class at age 51, when I found myself losing the limberness I took for granted in my youth. After every class, I would walk out feeling taller and more relaxed. Kate is very knowledgeable about the particular adjustments for each pose, and is well versed in bringing healing yoga to all ages and body types.  Most all of us achieved great results from her work, and I highly recommend Kate to help your body heal and regain full range of motion.”

- Susan B


“Kate has a gift for educating her students/clients about their bodies, empowering them to better understand and heal their injuries. She has a unique style of taking her clients through a specific series of yoga postures that restore the body and help it to heal. She is a compassionate and well-educated yoga teacher who has a great passion for this ever-evolving life practice.”

- Gretchen H


“It is truly a blessing to have a yoga instructor of Kate’s caliber so close to home. With the back issues I have, yoga could have hurt me. Kate’s extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, coupled with a genuine understanding of Medical Yoga, has taught me more about how to do yoga safely than I ever hoped to learn.  I’ve been able to practice yoga regularly without injury.  The fact that Kate helped me to build my own Home Yoga Practice has enhanced my life.  If I mention that I practiced Yoga on a particular day, people always ask “Where?”  I tell them, “In my living room!”  I can still hear and feel Kate’s teachings, finely tuned adjustments, and humble wisdom as I practice.  From the bottom if my heart, I thank you, Kate.  Om shanti.”   

- Mary D

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